Danièle's tenure as Head of Fraud and Payments at MATCHES was marked by her leadership and expertise in protecting the company's revenue and reputation from fraud and payment risks. In a relatively short period of time, Danièle was able to make operational improvements which resulted in a significant streamlining of the team and had started to develop the vision in relation to what our Fraud Prevention strategy should be in the future, looking to integrate and optimise our technologies and vendors. Danièle's deep knowledge of fraud prevention methods and technologies, combined with her innovative solutions tailored to our eCommerce environment, ensured robust risk management. I would highly recommend Danièle for her outstanding performance and valuable insights that I witnessed during her tenure at MATCHES
It was a pleasure to work with Danièle at MATCHES. The worlds of law/compliance and fraud/payments frequently collide, and we collaborated on a wide range of matters, from contracts with payment service providers, to customer issues. Danièle is technically excellent, straightforward and proactive. As members of the Finance Leadership Team, we also worked together to support the wider Finance department. Danièle is a respected team leader – driving great results whilst guiding and nurturing her reports.
I worked with Danièle for over 7 years as Founder and CEO of Green Man Gaming. Intelligent, talented and thoughtful Danièle is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her team management (11 staff members) and payments/fraud thought leadership made her invaluable and helped grow the company into what it is today. Would I work with Danièle again? Absolutely.
Danièle joined Green Man Gaming in 2012 and made an immediate impact. The world of fraud & payments is a black art. You either know what you are doing or you struggle. At the time I was the latter and it (fraud) consumed my working day. Daniele made an impact on day 1, relieving me of a huge burden and quickly understood the business challenges. Over the years she has earned the respect of both her peers and the Exec of Green Man Gaming. In addition, she was asked to sit on the board of the MRC (Eu), an offer made to the elite within the business. She has developed teams, helped grow the business, and (importantly) had lots of fun along the way. I was sad to see her go but understood that the new challenge she was offered was too tempting to turn down.
I have the greatest of respect for Danièle. She is the kind of person you want on your team. She is enthusiastic in her role and knowledgeable on all things relating to payments and payment fraud prevention. I have had the pleasure of working for more than a year alongside Danièle in her capacity on the MRC European Advisory Board. She has provided useful, out of the box, input to our annual strategy plan and her straight, professional attitude has been very refreshing. Though she is never one to draw attention to herself Danièle's positive attitude and the respect others feel toward her are palpable. I hope to continue to work with Danièle for many years to come. I have no hesitation in recommending her.
I've had to pleasure of working with Danièle for over two years. While some clients we work with are skilled enough within the scope of their role, Danièle is skilled well beyond that - and I would consider her to be a leader in the industry for it. Danièle is both detail oriented and can see the big picture. She successfully managed initiatives upwards to her leadership, in collaboration with her engineering teams, and with her reports. She's approached all our joint initiatives with long-term partnership in mind. She has represented her company very well, and I hope to continue to work with her in the future.