Hello, and welcome.
I’m Danièle.

Founder of and Principal Consultant at Danièle Thillmann Consulting Ltd.

Invested and genuinely keen on working with businesses and individuals, helping them solve Fraud and Payments challenges.

Two decades of experience in Fraud Prevention and Payments Optimisation, and with a thirst for more.


Certified Payments and Fraud Prevention Professional

Partial to cats, cake and coffee (in no particular order).

In this space you can find out about my consulting services and how you can engage with me on all things Risk, Fraud and Payments. I’m also using this platform to share my thoughts and knowledge on topics I feel strongly about. And yes, that may include cats, cake and coffee.

I love connecting with like-minded people. Head over to my Values Page to find out more.
Find out more about me, my experience, and what makes me tick.   Are you a fraud and payments nerd as well? Get in touch!
Media Enquiries
Contact me if you need a guest speaker, panelist, podcast guest or blog contributor to create any type of content relating to Fraud and Payments. I’d be delighted to assist!

If there is anything (else) you’d like to enquire about, please get in touch.

Consulting Services 
20 plus years in e-Commerce Fraud Prevention and Payments – experience you can tap into! Do you need help with your infrastructure? Operational teams and processes? Strategy? Find out more about the comprehensive services you can expect from me.